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Special offer


We have received a unique offer from our supplier in Germany and want to present it to our customers. Therefore, we have decided to give our customers a unique offer.

We offer the same low price on materials that we get, to you without surcharge. You must of course pay shipping from our warehouse in Germany to your home or construction site.

The shipping price is fixed and can not be discussed.

Solorkan AS only offers turnkey facilities, we do not offer materials without installation.

The offer applies throughout Viken and Oslo. Outside that area, there are additional costs for driving and accommodation.

We usually do not come for an inspection if it is not necessary, instead we want you to send us pictures of the electrical panel, space for the inverter and the roof.

That way we save time and money.

We are still always ready for questions and to talk to you about solar power both by phone 98410710, by email or Messenger

Please take a closer look at the offers. If you have the old IT 3x230V system, it can be a few hundred NOK kroners more expensive than the new TN 400V system that is included in the offer. If you have steel trapeze plates on the roof, the subsystem and installation will be cheaper than the offer.

If you click on the pictures of the offers below, you will receive a pdf. document that you can study, print out, sign and send us a picture of to then we have a binding agreement.

Click on logos for info about the products in this offer.

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Get an offer for your house

We give you a free tailor-made offer for your house with the offer prices above, or whatever you ask for.

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