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Solar roof tiles

Solar cell roof tiles can be integrated (camouflaged) into ordinary roof tiles. By using solar cell roof tiles, the roof retains an ordinary look.

We are licensees in Norway for Ergosun solar cell roof tiles that are made in Norway, have high quality and a warranty period of 25 years. Smart choice if you are going to build a new one or replace a roof anyway.

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We are talking about ordinary Norwegian-made roof tiles Zanda Minister which we integrate solar cells in here in Norway. All roofers and carpenters can lay the stone. In advance we need little planning, the electrician lays cables when the battens are ready and then comes back when the roof is finished and connects the system.

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Most people think the roof tile is expensive, compared to the cheapest solar panels it is actually more expensive. In most cases, the added value of the solar roof stone is about 30-40% more expensive per square meter than a normal roof plus ugly solar panels. Then we talk about per square covered with solar roof tiles. The rest of the roof is at the same price as usual.

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Here is the link to our supplier:

Video for one of our installation: Installation Norway winter

Video from the Fully Charged Show

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Price per solar cell roof tile is approx. EUR 40 + VAT

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